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Today we decided to go up Montjuic on the funicular and cablecar up to the castle. On the way there we paused to take a look at the Arc de Triomphe.

It was a glorious clear day and we had fantastic views both from the cablecar and from up at the castle.

After we'd spent some time up there and had a drink at the cafe we walked down the hill to the place where the other cablecar, which takes you right across the harbour, began.

This cablecar is a more spectacular trip then the one up to the castle and again there were amazing views.

Once back in town we walked around the Port Vell area until we reached the Imax theatre where we had a snack and watched a 3d movie about sharks!. We then continued up into town to catch the metro back to the hotel. The boys headed off to the beach after that but Ian and I stayed at the hotel...

We'll be off out for tea shortly no doubt.
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