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Today we decided to go up into the hills to Tibidabo. We travelled across town by bus and metro. When we arrived at Av del Tibidabo I was impressed by this lovely building

Then we caught the famous Tram via Bleu up to the funicular station, which was itself rather an impressive building.

At the top of the funicular I was taken aback by the sight of a most church, which I now know is called "Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor"

Seeing this church I understood why the area was called Tibidabo. Tibidabo means "I shall give you", the words the devil uses to tempt Jesus when he takes him up to a high place and looks down on the kingdoms of the world, and the statue of Christ atop this building truly could be surveying the kingdoms of the world.

At that stage we didn't linger at the church but headed instead into the amusement park, where we happily spent most of the day. There is a good range of rides located up and down the hill, with a special emphasis on rides which afford great views. It is a delightful park in a great location.

The tallest ride there was built in 1922 and is still impressive even now... as were some of the views from up there!

By the time we'd had our fill of rides it was already getting late but I took a few moments to take a closer look at the church. It had a calm, peaceful sense of holiness within, and beautiful artwork, far nicer than Barcelona Cathedral inside. The basilica above was another lovely building within, though I wished I could have spent more time here, it was lovely.

We took the funicular down the hill, but decided to walk down the Avenue rather than waiting for a tram. We saw a lot of really interesting buildings on that walk, here is my favourite.

When we got back to the hotel, the boys and I headed down to spend the evening on the beach, while Ian opted for the hotel swimming pool. Eventually we all headed over to mall for a quick and rather late tea!!
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