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La Rambla and Casa Batllo

This morning we caught the bus as far as Placa de Catalunya.

From there we made our way down La Rambla taking time to take in the sights and sounds of this famous street...

Including my personal favourite the old umbrella factory:

At the end of La Rambla is the Monument a Colom (a monument to Christopher Columbus)

We took the elevator to the viewing platform at the top of the monument, the view over the harbour was great but it suffered the disadvantage of a very small elevator and viewing platform. Once we were back on the ground we had a quick lunch on La Rambla before heading to the Picasso museum. However the queue there stretched for miles so we changed our plans and headed to the "Mansana de la Discordia". We saw the exteriors of the three houses side by side designed by three different modernist architects, Casa Lleo Morera, Casa Amatller and Casa Batllo:

We went into Casa Batllo too, it's certainly an amazing house and I love the circlesin everything:

After that we headed back to the hotel and spent a couple of very pleasant hours at the beach, had a quick but really delicious Thai curry for dinner all before the most terrific electric storm began. As I type I can hear thunder and the sky is being continually lit up by lightning - very impressive!!
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