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Last Day

Today was our last day in Barcelona. While Ian and I headed off across town by bus and tram the boys chose to stay around the hotel so that they could make the most of the pool and the beach...
Which they certainly appear to have done, judging by appearances!

Meanwhile Ian and I returned to the scene of yesterday's mystery photo... here are a few more photos to help moth2fic or Colin or any other Barcelona experts out there identify the location:

The astute amongst you will have gathered that this is another Gaudi site... but there are no admission charges or long queues here! - if you're still wondering where we are the game is given away under this cut:
We are at the Finca Guell, some Pavillions, most famous for their dragon gates:

The Palau Reial and surrounding park land are lovely too, and hidden in bamboo plantation we found another little Gaudi treasure:

As we walked back towards Maria Cristina metro station we saw another little park which fascinated me. It was a "deer park", full of statues of deer, and a few wild pigs thrown in for good measure:

Towering above it was this stark black tower

After this we had some lunch and headed back to the hotel. We spent some time at the pool and went for a walk of the area around the hotel... I might post about that tomorrow, but it's getting late and we have an early start in the morning... a plane to catch :(
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