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All back home safely!

Well we made it home safely on Wednesday, back to rain and washing... so nothing much has changed!! Since then we've run a prayer meeting(Wednesday evening), placed and received as Asda order, collected David's AS results (which were fine), bought some new bathroom scales,and of course done way too much laundry. I also went to the pub with the girls last night and then we all got together for coffee at Marie's this morning. Mum came round this afternoon too, and it was lovely to see her!

Then later this afternoon David arrived back from Canada, it was good to see him again. We've had a roast for dinner and caught up on all our news...

On the frivolous side... I have bought and applied some bright purple nail varnish to match my sandals!! and I am spending far too much time making and doing puzzles on facebook!!

But most of all I'm missing sun and palm trees:
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