Viv (vivh) wrote,

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Hungry critters!

Yesterday when I went to collect in our bread and milk delivery off the doorstep I noticed that there was a largish hole in the side of the loaf, where some hungry critter had pecked/gnawed their way through the plastic bag to the bread beneath!! So now I'm wondering who the guilty party is, is it the blue tits who periodically attack the foil tops of the milk bottles to sneak a drink of milk or a passing rodent or something else completely? - slugs don't eat bread do they? - there are plenty of them about with all this damp weather we've had... in fact one seems to have got into our bathroom overnight, must do something about that in a minute!!!

Otherwise yesterday was a reasonably productive sort of day, today needs to be too!! I'm also having lots of fun exploring the music notation software I found a while ago... it's very clever but very complex to code...
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