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Another week...

This has been a busy week, but a relaxing one too, we had a bit of a disaster with a hot water tank on Sunday just before I had to go to church to do the children's talk and play in music group... Monday was a bank holiday, and a meeting about the church website.. Tuesday I had coffee with a couple of friends, Wednesday lunch and cardmaking with another friend and dropped a birth congratulations card to someone else... Thursday I saw Mum and did some shopping, Friday lots of people and their children round for coffee and chat and play, then off to the bank and round to see another friend.

All very nice, and very social... but next week school and everything else starts again, so life will suddenly be much more structured...

Idly wondering if we are going to get any summer before the Autumn comes, the mornings are getting darker, and the nights are drawing in...

We'll see!!
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