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This week...

I don't seem to be posting here much at the moment, I blame facebook, where I am currently playing six simultaneous games of Scrabble!!!

But back in the real world it has been busy too.... On Monday evening we had the Institution and Induction Service for our new Rector. I was involved with setting up the refreshments during the afternoon and I was playing in the music group in the evening, I took quite a lot of photos too!! It was a pleasant service, though the liturgy is pretty stuffy, and the new Rector has walk around the church and ring bells, stand in the pulpit etc! Our local "lady of the manor" June Lancelyn Green, made a hugely entertaining speech of welcome which was definitely the highlight of the evening.

Tuesday was spent buying new school equipment of varying kinds for the boys return to school yesterday. We also had an "Introduction to Year 9" evening for Chris that evening, an hour and a bit journey across town for just half an hours meeting telling us nothing much...Oh well!

Yesterday we washed toys (and drank coffee) in readiness for Little Fishes beginning next week and of course the boys were back at school for the beginning of another school year....

I've also been busy making some extra invitations for a friend's birthday party, it's her birthday today, we're going out for lunch in Liverpool - should be nice...
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