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Coffee, coffee and more coffee....

I seem to have done coffee in a big way this week....

Over the past few days....

On Thursday I went over to Liverpool to celebrate Julienne's 40th birthday at the Everyman Bistro... this was the first place Ian and I ever went out for a meal together, and this was the first time I had been back since... the food hasn't changed much in over twenty years and I again had pizza and salad just like I did all those years ago! The mushroom pizza was really good, very tasty and so was the cappuccino I had afterwards. But the best thing of all was the beautifully light, almond flavoured biscuits they served with the coffee, they were just... indescribably delicious...

On Friday I drank more coffee with Julienne (just instant coffee at home this time...) and then drank more coffee at Coffee Plus, followed by coffee with Kathryn at her place in the afternoon...

This morning I have been for coffee with Mum at our local coffee shop Zugers who serve the most divine chocolates and cakes... especially their meringues mmmmmmm.... but I just stuck to coffee this morning, another cappuccino....

I have done things other than drinking coffee... I think!!

But I have some questions for everybody out there,
  • What is the best cup of coffee you have ever had? Where did you have it?

  • Where is your favourite coffee shop?

  • How do you have your coffee, espressso, cappuccino, mocha, instant???

  • What is your worst ever coffee experience?

  • Which coffee shops would you recommend people to avoid?

The best cup coffee I have had in recent memory is the beautiful and delicious cappuccino served to us when we were in Milan:

It tasted every bit as good as it looks...
When I lived in New Zealand I used to drink mocchaccinos all the time and I loved them...but when I moved to England I found they were much sweeter here, too sweet for me, so I changed to cappuccinos instead... My favourite coffee shop at the moment is Zugers just down the road, but I have very fond memories of the Sweet Vanilla Cafe in Lower Hutt... Most of my very worst coffee experiences have involved church halls and faitrade coffee, some have also involved polystyrene cups!!! but of commercial experiences the biggest disappointment was Ritazza Coffee who managed to serve us an almost undrinkable brew... I definitely don't recommend them... So how about the rest of you?
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