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Friday already

I was going to post here on Tuesday evening, but got distracted by a combination of website issues, and visitors popping in for coffee. Since then I've had a busy day at Little Fishes and a housegroup meeting (Wednesday), a haircut, a trip round to Kathryn's place, and a mad panic trying to get ready for some friends to come round and play Risk last night (Thursday). In addition to that, the front door has fallen off its hinges (well one of its hinges) so we are having to use the back door till I get it repaired/replaced!!!! So now it's Friday and I still haven't posted...

What I was going to post on Tuesday was about the tea I cooked..
A little while ago I agreed to cook some empanadas for a Fiesta Latins which some people at church are organising... but I said I wanted the recipe in time to have a practice run. In the end that meant i was given the recipe and told to check that it worked before it was distributed to anyone else!! so on Tuesday night I did, and this was the result:

They were really tasty and made a good tea for everyone! I was pleased because I haven't made pastry in a long time... but it turned out really well, obviously like riding a bike it's one of those skills you don't ever forget!!
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