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This morning we spent at Marjories, it was pretty quiet, though we enjoyed watching a squirrel playing in the garden. We had some burgers and chips for lunch, which was nice, and then we went round to the domel abode. pcfreak8 and I went into Birkenhead on the bus with Mrs D while Mr D stayed home to see the doctor when he called. We went to Marks and Spencers and W.H.Smith. pcfreak8 also found a software shop where he bought three games for #20 so he is happy. We bought some other odds and ends and then went home on the bus. I had lasagne for tea, Matthew had cottage pie and Mum had some sausages and mash! We watched the weakest link and then walked up to sheaj34's place where we are now. I guess we'll go back to Marjories before too long, though Matthew will want to stay here longer.
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