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Winter approaches

The pavements here are covered with leaves, crunchy, colourful leaves, very, very lovely - but they signal the coming of Winter. The nights are drawing in too... and the shops are starting to put up Christmas decorations and are getting out the Christmas cards, battling the Halloween novelties for shelf space!!! I wonder why we can't do one season at a time? Anyway I think I might venture out with my camera later today and try to capture some of the warmth before it disappears into the greyness of winter...

Tonight we were supposed to be going over to Manchester to see the Police in concert, but now the concert is postponed because Sting is sick with a throat infection - a bit disappointing really but we'll see if they come up with a new date...

I was pleased that England won the rugby on Saturday, and glad that the French lost too... so we will have a final between South Africa and England, I think I would prefer England to win, but I think it is a bit baffling to have England as world champions twice in a row, when quite clearly they are not the best team...
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