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For the first time in ages I don't have any website work urgently awaiting my attention... though there will be more to do tomorrow, and still more on Monday... In the meantime I have been frantically writing Christmas cards which need to be posted on Monday at the latest. Yesterday Ian and I travelled to Bradford for a prayer meeting where we picked up nearly 4 gigabytes of material, all church services recorded in Mongolia, the long term plan is to chop up these services to produce sermons in English, and the same sermon in mongolian, currently they are recorded in the form of a sentence or two spoken in English, followed by the translation into Mongolian... - I think the whole process may take "some" time.
It was a good trip to Bradford... managed to write Christmas cards on the train, and a nice hotel to spend the night....way too much to do here though, will I ever get to the bottom of my washing pile? - as for ironing....
And don't even mention Christmas presents...I need to shop - not really a problem, I love to shop, but time is running out and I have scarcely one free day in the next fortnight! - I'm sure I'll think of something!
Meanwhile Ian is starting a contract in London on Monday, which means he will be away Monday to Friday each week...that will be different, but I'm sure we'll manage, we did when he commuted like that before....
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