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Christmas is coming after all!

About a week ago I thought I might have to cancel Christmas this year! I had scarcely bought any Christmas presents, the Christmas tree and decorations had been declared lost in the chaos that passes for a garage here, I had a pile of unwritten Christmas cards, a pile of dirty washing a mile high and a pile web related stuff that was taking all my time and energy....

Well in that week I've managed to write and post all those cards, just a few local cards remain to be delivered now, most of the Christmas presents have been bought, (the rest will be bought later today I hope), David went on a mining expedition in the garage and unearthed the Christmas tree and decorations and they are now adorning the house giving some feel of festivity to it, I now have a huge pile of clean laundry! and most of the web stuff, is done or has reached a place where I can leave it for now, so the pressure is off.

The last week has also seen the annual Carol Service at Church which was lovely, always a highlight of my year, we had a great afternoon and a delicious meal with our housegroup last Saturday before going to a local theatre to watch Dick Wittington. I've also bought and put up some new curtains in the morning room and dining room, and survived two Little Fishes parties.

Shortly I am going to brave the frost and go out to finish the Christmas shopping, later today I'm having my haircut and in the evening I'm going out carol singing with some friends.... and I have lots of present wrapping to do...

So Christmas is coming after all!!
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