Viv (vivh) wrote,

Meme -Last year

I have borrowed this meme from moth2fic, it asks you to post your first lj entry for each month of the previous year:

Here I am sitting alone, the boys aren't up yet, and Ian left for work an hour ago, his first day...

Here is my European map:

Yesterday there was a bitterly cold wind, but today the sun is shining and you can just about believe that spring is just around the corner.

What an extraordinary weekend I've had!

Yesterday morning was really busy, needed to update church website, do washing, do dishes, make and deliver a card to Amy who was returnng from Chile, return a box of cards to Kathryn...managed it all - just.

Well I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go... It's been a busy day, two trips to Kathryn's and a trip into Birkenhead, as well as loads of laundry!!

It's already July, but it's not at all summery here, rain is falling steadily and yet another load of washing is hanging bedraggled on my washing line..

I sit here most mornings just after breakfast, checking email and reading my lj friends page.

Happy Birthday to Microjotz

On Thursday I went to Chester and spent the day with moth2fic.

It's been a busy couple of weeks and pretty eventful too...

For the first time in ages I don't have any website work urgently awaiting my attention... though there will be more to do tomorrow, and still more on Monday...

All the above doesn't tell you much really, but it does give a fairly accurate impression of the year just gone, a wonderful spring time, a disappointing summer (weatherwise), some great trips, lots of great social gatherings, meetings and celebrations, some moments of great joy,and others of real sadness and disappointment, and a gathering busyness towards the end of the year which threatened to engulf me....

So what of 2008? I have thoughts and plans, many of them... but what comes will come and I will endeavour to enjoy it, come what may!
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