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A cold day

It's really cold here today, there was still ice outside when I hung the washing out after 11am Not long after that I went to church for the funeral of Gordon, a man who died just a few days before Christmas. Gordon was a church member, and there was a big crowd at the service today. It was a good funeral, full of hope and there was a pleasant gathering in the church hall afterwards too. By three o'clock when I was on my way home it was already getting dark and still bitterly cold.

The light in our kitchen has stopped working, we need a new fluorescent tube, I'm sure we'll get one soon... but in the meantime I'm getting used to cooking our evening meal in the dark!! - it all adds to the interest of my day!

Now we are watching an episode of Cracker (a Christmas present) in a warm, light room and I can almost forget the cold, dark night outside... if I close my eyes I can imagine the warm sun and golden sands.... roll on spring time!
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