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Pictures and things

I did manage to do some painting on Tuesday afternoon for the first time in ages and I promised to post the results here when the paint was dry, so here they are:

It seems a little ironic that I should decide to explore light and dark when I had only a small blob of black paint left... but I think it made me much inventive with colour than I would normally have been so maybe that was a good thing really?

I also promised natesmountain that I would post a few pictures of Mongolia when we were talking the other day! So here they are:

It looks such a beautiful country, vast and boundless... I would love to go there one day..

Meanwhile, today I have been to another funeral at church, (it's that time of year) and then I went out for lunch with Mum. This evening I have a parents association meeting up at school, and in the meantime I have a heap of website stuff to look at....
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