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Life glued to a laptop!!

Email traffic has been very heavy here... I was emailing about an issue after 1am this morning, but by the time I got up at 6am I had received 15 more emails on the same topic!!! That has pretty much been the way of things over the past few days, I'm hoping things will settle down a little soon!!!
Time spent away from my laptop feels quite precious at the moment... but Monday was pretty interesting any way! First I was out cleaning the church with a group of people because we are in the process of appointing a new church cleaner. Then David had asked me to pick up a parcel for him from the post office in New Ferry. It contained a sword he had ordered as part of a fancy dress outfit. When I collected it, it was a little larger than I had anticipated! It was in a box over a metre tall and with a cross section about 20cm x 20cm. I then had to carry this box on the bus into town, around the shops, on a train out of town and on the twenty minute walk from the station to Chris's place, where I was going for coffee plus. I finally abandoned the box with Chris (who will deliver it to me later) because I had to go to collect Mum from the hospital after a small op on her eye! I'm sure that the sword must be much smaller than it's box, but I didn't really fancy making the journey carrying a rather large plastic sword any more than an outsize cardboard box so I will let you know!!
Today I am looking forward to going over to Manchester and catching up with moth2fic - and I'm not taking the laptop!!!
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