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Trips to Manchester

On Thursday I went over to meet moth2fic in Manchester. Once there we headed out to Rusholme where we planned to have curry for lunch. The weather surprised us by being dry, though it was a little blustery! We went for a quick walk in Platt Fields and I showed her Steve's church, though only from a distance!

Then we went for a walk up the curry mile section of Wimslow Road, gazing at the displays of colourful vegetables, beautiuful saris, tempting Indian sweets and glistening gold jewellery.

We then had a meal, lamb passander and chicken dhansak with rice and naan, followed by kulfi and some other sweets...all delicious! We then wandered back towards town through Whitworth Park eventually picking up a bus to Piccadily Gardens. There we visited Starbucks before walking back to the station and heading home.

I was back in Rusholme yesterday to meet with Steve regarding the job I'm going to be doing for Jubilate, no time to stand and stare this time... but it was lovely to see Steve and it was a really useful meeting.

Later today we are going to a wedding!! Must get on now...
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