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Pottering around

Yesterday morning I spent at Marjorie's, drying washing and other exciting things like that. Gill Carpenter arrived just after 11 o'clock and we went out to the Gastro Grill at the Royal Oak for lunch. It was good to see her and catch up on all our news, and the lunch was nice as well. We went for a little drive around before she popped in to say hello to Mum and Dad. We stayed there for a little while and then Mum gave us a ride to Marjorie's. We had sausage and potato for tea with Marjorie and Alison and then watched Holby City on t.v. I also got a phone call from Louisa Daffin which was a nice surprise.
Today we were out early for a hair appointment at 9am. So we both look rather better groomed now! After that we walked up to Bromborough village where I put a film in to be processed and we bought some new batteries. Then we caught the bus to Domel's for lunch, chicken nuggets, chips and spaghetti followed by apple crumble. After lunch Mr D, Matthew and I went to Birkenhead on the bus. We went to Dixons, Smiths and Marks and Spencers, and also met Mr and Mrs Pinch while we were there. We bought a few bits and pieces and then headed back to Bromborough. Now we are just at Angela's to check mail and stuff before we go back to Marjorie's for tea and the evening.
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