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Busy Evening...

Ian came back from London for the night tonight. He arrived back about 4pm, I met him on the train, after visiting Kathryn earlier in the afternoon. We were only home about an hour, before we went round to Angela's for pancakes, (and baked potatoes and a chocolate fountain - not together!!!). Sadly we couldn't stay very long because Ian had a deanery synod meeting to attend, and David and I both had events on as well.
The weather has been very variable today, it started bright if a little blustery, but has deteriorated to torrential rain by now. Still, spring is definitely on its way... here is some photographic evidence:

Finally a notice I saw recently at the local tenpin bowling place which really amused me...

Please do not flush objects down the toilet.
The Bowl management

On that note I will finish... everybody else here has gone to bed, and I ought to do the same!!
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