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Yes, I'm still here! Sighing with relief because it is half term here.. no morning rush for a whole week! And we are going to London later in the week - yay!! Not sure what we'll do there, seeing a show of some sort and going out for meals are definitely on the list...and of course I want to take photos... not sure what else... museums, sightseeing? - suggestions welcome...

I stepped into a musical time warp at church yesterday morning - singing songs I had not sung for about ten years or more....and you know, there was a reason those songs had faded from popularity!! - I hope this not an experience which is going to be regular feature!!!

There is a momentary lull in the flow of emails too! - it won't last... it can't really, too much of what I do happens there!

Meanwhile the days are lengthening, the sun is just a little warmer - maybe I'll come out of hibernation soon!!!
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