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A busy, busy week

I do not feel as if I have had a moment to myself since we got back from London... not really sure what has made me so busy, I think it's a whole combination of things really! - computer problems, bible studies to lead, emails to answer, marketing campaigns to organise, couriers to deal with, coffee to drink (with friends), pumpkin soup to make, playdough to make (important not to confuse those two - the colour is much the same!!), Little Fishes, websites to updates, lots of phone calls... I think you get the idea!

Tomorrow I am going for a pamper day with some friends - 5 hours away from the computer -will I survive!! It should be a nice relaxing day but it will just mean that my pile of washing will keep growing in my absence...oh well! And there will be rugby to watch tomorrow too yay!

I have been meaning to post about our time in London... maybe I'll get round to it over the weekend!!
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