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About my trip to London before it becomes ancient history!!

We've been home for more than a week now, and I have been intending to post about out trip to London all that time...
We caught a train to London late on Wednesday morning and arrived there mid afternoon. After checking into our hotel we headed to Westminster and took a "flight" on the London Eye. It was just about sunset and it was very pretty watching the sun going down from up there.
Then we went to Liverpool Street to meet Ian from work and went to "Hell" for pizza. The wonderful accent of our waitress (from Palmerston North) and the black and white decor transported to another time and place for the evening! - great pizza too!
Thursday saw us visit the Natural History Museum... I was totally impressed by the building which houses it though Chris was convinced that it should really have been a church or cathedral!! Inside it reminded me of Te Papa, but vastly expanded and extended - no giant moa here though... and the earthquake here was not nearly as dramatic as the NZ variety!!! After we were museum-ed out we headed to the South Bank where we watched "I am Legend" on the big Imax screen. After that we went and looked at Buckingham Palace (M and C had never seen it) and walked up the Mall to Trafalgar Square which has a lot less pigeons than last time I was there.
In the evening we met up with Ian and went to see the Mousetrap which is still enthralling even on a third viewing!!!
On Friday the boys wanted to shop on Oxford Street, so while they did that I wandered round the Tower Bridge area, up through the City to St Paul's Cathedral, where I climbed right up to the top and looked out over the rooftops of London.
Then we had a lunch and went on a trip up the Thames to Canary Wharf, which was very pleasant. Finally we headed home on a very crowded train... back to the chaos of everyday life!

Here are a few pics of the trip:

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