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Another flying post..

Well it's Monday morning and the sun is shining and the sky is blue after torrential rain earlier. I would like to go out and enjoy the spring flowers and pleasant weather...
but before I go out to Chris's this afternoon, I need to send a few emails regarding an Easter marketing campaign to people I don't know at all, update the church website, finish a web page to sell tickets for an upcoming event, try to move forward a storage system which needs to be accessible to people spread across the country from the Scottish Islands to London...
Later I need to grapple with a pricing structure for selling books in Mongolia, and did I mention the database I'm trying to sort out - only 3000 items to look at...

In the real world, I had a lovely birthday shared with friends, and celebrated with some colourful flowers

We have also booked a holiday to Egypt in the Summer and I'm hoping to get a new mobile phone next weekend to replace my current one which keeps switching itself off without warning... I'll let you know! - Now must write those emails!!!
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