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Nearly Easter...

I can't believe it's nearly Easter... It's so early this year, and the months since Christmas have simply flown by, is that because Ian is away all week and the weekends are so busy?...not sure really but the year seems to nearly a third gone already - and the diary is starting to look pretty booked up right up until the time I am going to Italy with mum in May...

The world around me is becoming increasingly and promisingly springlike, the bush outside my window has come to life with a mass of pink flowers, there are primroses in the churchyard again and squirrels are frolicking in the trees everywhere I go... Still pretty cold though.

Life online continues to be busy and demanding, real life has its moments too (though many of them are in the shape of my never-ending washing pile...) I continue to post here too infrequently but will try to do better...

I need to go to the bank now, and am looking forward to coffee with Angela this afternoon... also hoping to watch the "Passion" drama that I missed on Sunday evening later today. There is a Maundy Thursday service at church tonight and at some point Ian will make it home.

Better get on now!!!
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