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Holiday time

Easter has been and gone for another year...

On Easter day we went to a baptism service for Ben, a 14 year old family friend. It took place at a lovely little sandstone church in Thornton Hough, a pretty village not far from here. It was a simple service but joyful and good. Here's a picture of Ben with my three boys, taken after the service.

The other big event this weekend has been a renewed attempt to sort out our very messy garage. We have almost completely filled a skip we had delivered on Saturday... but we still seem to have so much stuff!!

And I have come to the conclusion that the weather is seriously not my friend just now!! On Saturday just when we had bikes, suitcases and furniture out of the garage strewn all over the driveway it started to snow... we hurriedly returned everything to the garage, and then it stopped, just like that! Okay, it did snow and hail a bit more later but..
Then when I was hanging out washing yesterday five random snowflakes fell on me as if in warning, luckily the clothes were just about dry before the hail started an hour or two later!!!

And now it is school holidays, no rush, no hassle for a fortnight, Yay!!
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