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On Thursday night we had our Rector's son Will to stay the night, then on Friday morning we had to be up bright and early (out of the house at 7.30am) because all the boys were off to a camp in Bala, Chris and Will are going as campers, David and Matthew are gong as leaders. Anyway I abandonned them all in a very wet, windy car park, and went off to Julienne's for coffee. I hope they have found some better weather in Wales!!!
After coffee and croissants I headed over to Liverpool where I did a little shopping (a card, some stamps and food for lunch) before catching the 12.15 to London. Once in London I found blue skies and sunshine, (though it had obviously been raining earlier in the day) I went to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, where because I was alone and had no one to talk, (unlike my meetings with Moth) to I actually looked at art!! (I still drank coffee of course...)I saw Leonardo's Virgin of the Rocks and some lovely Canalettos of Venice, but the highlight for me was probably Van Gogh's sunflowers... Lots more too... too many to mention...
Then I met up with Ian and we travelled over to Brussels on the Eurostar. Now it is nearly breakfast time and the delights of Brussels await... Pictures tonight with any luck!!!
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