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While the boys went off to camp in a damp and windy Bala, last weekend, Ian and I set off to the continent in search of a little more clement weather.

I promised to post some pictures of our time there, so here we go.

On Saturday morning we visited the Heysel Area and sampled its delights including Mini Europe which has an interesting selection of landmarks from the various countries of the EU. Rome is unrepresented, so are Berlin and Munich... but all good fun. We also visited the atomium which is an impressive structure of spheres connected within by a series of escalators, staircases and lifts - can't post images of that...the building is copyright... something I find totally bizarre.

Then we took the number 23 tram into town, this was probably a bit of a mistake, because although it took us to our intended destination it also visited what seemed like every obscure suburb of Brussels on the way!!!

Anyway we had lunch and bought chocolate at Grand Place, and went to see the Mannekin Pis (where there was a wonderful waffle stall) before we needed set off back to the Eurostar via our hotal.
So here are the afternoon pictures.

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