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Bolzano and the erdpyramids

Yesterday we had a long coach drive up to Bolzano in the Sud Tirol. The trip was long and a little dull but the town was lovely once we were there. After that we went up a steep road which wound its way up a mountain to Soprabolzano where we board the historic Renon railway which took us higher still. Then we came a little further down to a place where we could view the extraordinary rock formations called the Erdpyramids.

Now for the pictures:
A view of Lake Garda from the northern end.

The duomo in Bolzano

Walther Square in Bolzano

Castel Marrechio in Bolzano

The Renon Historic Railway

A view of the Dolomites

The Erdpyramids

A typical Tyrolean view!

Today we are planning to go to Verona
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