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Our last day

So here we are on our last day in England, it's hard to believe that the time has passed so fast. Yesterday was a quiet day, we went to the Little Chef in Eastham for lunch with Marjorie and Alison. We all had huge breakfast/grill style meals rendering us totally incapable of significant activity for the remainder of the day. After lunch I picked up my reprints from the Photo shop and then went to Mum's and Dad's for the rest of the afternoon and tea. Then we had a quiet evening at Marjorie's.
Today has been a day of farewells. Mum gave us a lift to church this morning. It was a family communion service with Geoff Turner as the preacher. He was in fine form, just as I remember him but with greyer hair. Today was the 40th anniversary of his ordination. I also spoke to Margaret Clarkson and Mrs Perry for a while. Angela gave us a ride from church to Mum and Dad's place and we had a nice roast lunch there. We said goodbye in the mid afternoon and then went back to Marjories to say good bye to Alison and to put a last lot of washing on. Now we are at Angela's saying goodbye again!