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A day at the hospital

Mark gave us a lift to the hospital early this morning. We went up to the ward and waited around there for a while. They applied some local anaesthetic and then sent us down to the Daycare ward. They gave Chris a bed and then sent us to the clinic. The clinic took some details, gave Chris wristbands and sent him for blood tests right at the other end of the hospital. After the blood tests we were sent back to the clinic. We waited there until a doctor could see us. Luckily Chris didn't need any extra platelets today so we were given clearance to go to theatre and just had to wait in the clinic until we were summoned. When the call came we were told to go to theatre but to pick up a pillow from Daycare on the way. Then eventually Chris got to theatre for his lumbar puncture, bone marrow sample and line insertion - all went well. Once that was over we had to hang around for an hour and a half until they said we could go home!! Jill came over to collect us and we swung by McDonalds on the way home to get a late lunch for Chris!!
It's been a quiet evening here... maybe I'll have an early night...though somehow I doubt it!!
Back to the hospital for Chris's chemo tomorrow... - Oh joy!!
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