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The weekend

It's great to have a weekend with everybody home and some feeling of normality. Today was quite normal, though the phone rang a lot... Angela and Ben popped round this morning and then Ian, Matthew and I went to Birkenhead, where we bought all sorts of things including heavy duty sunscreen for Chris and a new suit for Ian. The weather was glorious today and it was a lovely change to grey, windy wetness we had midweek.... it feels as though summer might really be here at last. We had trout for tea and then Ian and I went to see Kathryn with some brightly coloured socks!!

Chris is quite well this weekend as the effects of the first lot of chemo wear off and the next lot hasn't impacted much yet... so we took the opportunity to take a few photos in the garden

Chris wants moro bars... we've sourced a shop in London which sells them...

Matthew wants to know how to remove the liquid from inside a glowstick from his trainers - all suggestions welcome!!
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