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We went to church yesterday, everyone sent their love to Ianand family, especially the Caters, Bridget, Harrisons, Ralstons, Woolletts and Bradshaws. Christopher was crucifer, David was Jonah in a play and I counted money. Otherwise it was a pretty quiet morning! The Bradsaws have a desk that David might like. The weather was cold, wet and windy after church but the boys still managed to get out for a while on their Roller blades/ roller skates! - no broken bones yet! Michael and Sandra came round at their usual time and stories got written despite a fair degree of chaos, Matthew's story had characters called Hokey Pokey and Chocolate Doughnut, Chocolate Doughnut was eaten before the story ended, rather predictable I suppose! After they went home we had a nice tea and watched Return of the Jedi and I read some more of "The Journal Of Watkin Stench" to the boys. This morning the boys are tidying their bedrooms hehehe! That's all for now! More soon.