Viv (vivh) wrote,


We went to church yesterday, everyone sent their love to Ianand family, especially the Caters, Bridget, Harrisons, Ralstons, Woolletts and Bradshaws. Christopher was crucifer, David was Jonah in a play and I counted money. Otherwise it was a pretty quiet morning! The Bradsaws have a desk that David might like. The weather was cold, wet and windy after church but the boys still managed to get out for a while on their Roller blades/ roller skates! - no broken bones yet! Michael and Sandra came round at their usual time and stories got written despite a fair degree of chaos, Matthew's story had characters called Hokey Pokey and Chocolate Doughnut, Chocolate Doughnut was eaten before the story ended, rather predictable I suppose! After they went home we had a nice tea and watched Return of the Jedi and I read some more of "The Journal Of Watkin Stench" to the boys. This morning the boys are tidying their bedrooms hehehe! That's all for now! More soon.
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