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After another week at home Chris has ventured back to school this morning, he has been so exhausted I wonder how he will cope, but he is very determined to make it through the school day, we will see. The plan is for him to be in school on Monday and Tuesday this week, then on Wednesday he will be back in Alder Hey for a couple days while he has a central line fitted and has a further bone marrow aspiration and the last of the induction phase of chemotherapy.
If all is well at that stage Chris will move on to the next stage, which will be quite intense I think... Such a lot for him to cope with, as if watching your hair fall out and your cheeks swell unnaturally as a result of steroids isn't enough to cope with when you're 14... He has banned me from posting photos here while he looks like that... still taking photos though!!!

Otherwise life carries on, I've been printing out leaflets to introduce our new SAMS mission partners, designing a term card for the church's Sunday services, preparing for the SCI Trustees meeting at the beginning of July and of course all the usual stuff like music group, Little Fishes and Coffee Plus. I have a fair bit of website work I need to get on with... as well as endless piles of washing!! - at least the sun is shining to help dry it just now.
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