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I should really update here more often... it's over a week since I last wrote, and so much has happened I'm not sure where to begin!

Chris has had a mixed time, he endured a 9 hour marathon at the hospital last Thursday and needed an unexpected blood transfusion over the weekend, on the other hand he made it to a few days of school both this week and last, passed all the exams he's taken so far, went for steak and chips at Frankie and Benny's and is planning a trip to town tomorrow...

I have learned to give Chris his chemo at home and am feeling reasonably confident about that now... only three more weeks to go!

I also went to the Barnardos Toddle at Chester Zoo:

and an Indian evening where we all ate curry and tried on saris:

I've placed a few orders for assorted items for Mongolia, and of course the usual washing and cleaning duties continue unabated, though at least the sun has been shining to help the washing dry...
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