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Today was A'level and AS results day, so it was a busy day here...

David's A 'level results are as follows:

Physics B, Chemistry C, Maths C and General Studies B
This was not quite the 3B's he needed for his conditional offer from Sheffield, however after a brief moment of anxiety it was confirmed that he has been accepted there on his course of choice anyway, so that's great news for him!

Matthew's AS results are as follows:

Economics A, Politics A, Sociology A, Maths B and General Studies A
Better than he was expecting I think!

So good news all round really!

Good news too that Chris had his last dose of chemo for this round today and now has a chemo free fortnight before the next block begins. We are taking advantage of this by going to the Isle of Man for a few days from Saturday to Wednesday as a family. We are hoping for good weather and I will try to post some pictures of our time there!
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