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A very quick update!

I can't believe it is half term already... time has flown! This week Chris managed a full week at school because there were no hospital appointments scheduled. Overall he has pretty much only missed school on treatment days so has managed to be in school about 3/4 days a week on average. Friday was a pink day at school, Chris seriously considered wearing my fluffy pink dressing gown but in the end opted for a more discreet fluffy pink scarf!!! Chris finishes the phase of chemotherapy called escalating capizzi and will be starting what they call delayed intensification 1...

While Chris has been at school I have managed a trip to Leeds to see John and talk about things Mongolian and a trip to Buckley to have lunch with Margaret at her new house there. Overall things have been very busy and look set to continue that way until Christmas.. Autumn is definitely here it is getting colder and darker and the trees are beautiful colours, might post some Autumn pics soon if I get the time. Matthew and I are off to Durham today - must go and get ready!!!
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