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Dark days!

This morning it has failed to get light properly, the house is dark except for the living room where we are sitting in a pool of artificial light!!! It is pouring with rain just now and they are threatening snow later in the week following several showers of hail yesterday!! and it's not even November yet!!!

Both of the boys are on half term this week, so we are taking it very easy!! I have been out this morning to help with bag a bargain and we have a few plans for later in the week: a "Heroes 3" evening tomorrow at Debbi's place and a trip to see the new Bond movie on Friday... I was hoping we might get out and about a bit more this week as we have no hospital appointments but the weather is far from conducive!!

We had a nice Sunday lunch at the Merebrook while we watched Liverpool beat Chelsea (yay!) and last week Chris and I saw an entertaining thriller called Eagle Eye at the cinema. The hospital have decided Chris needs to have a 7 day course of preventative antibiotics this week... Chris is not thrilled by this as he has to have 4 doses every day and they taste disgusting... I was not thrilled to have to take an extra trip over to Alder Hey to collect them on Saturday... Oh well!
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