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Some Sad News

After a really good half term and an uneventful few days back at school, we were back at the hospital today for Chris to start his block of delayed intensification. All ran smoothly and quite quickly for once, and we also got to meet a new family with a 13 year old boy who was diagnosed with ALL 2 weeks ago while on holiday in Florida.

We also heard some very sad news while we were at the hospital; Phred, our Macmillan nurse died very suddenly at the weekend. It was Phred who taught me to give chemo at home, taught me to flush Chris's central line and taught Chris to clean and change his line dressing. She was a strong, compassionate, caring woman - we will really miss her...

Later in the day I went to Matthew's parents evening, where the news was all good! - though this evenings must hold the record for the shortest interviews ever!!
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