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natesmountain posted some end of year questions, and moth2fic posted some beginning of year questions... so I thought I would try to think of some questions too!

I think questions are harder than aims or goals...(I guess natesmountain would probably disagree) I have a million things I want to do and places I want to go... but I don't have many questions! Oh well here are a few!

1. Will Paul remember he is giving us a lift tomorrow?
2. Will Chris be able to start his next block of chemo next week?
3. Will I ever manage to get our garage tidied and organised?
4. Where will Matthew go to university in September?
5. Will I manage to get the Christmas cards and newsletters done earlier next year?
6. Why did everybody buy me chocolates rather than paintbrushes and gel pens?
7. When will it get warm?
8. Will I ever get to visit Egypt?

I think my questions are only thinly veiled goals really - oh well...
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