Viv (vivh) wrote,

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Back at school

It was good to see every one at school again, lots of people looking at photos and exchanging news. It wasn't long until I felt as if I had never been away, I have a new timetable, which sees me doing both morning tea and lunch time supervision, taking my breaks immediately before the official break. This is not really any change to my hours but it doesn't altogether thrill me. I shouldn't complain though because almost all the teacher aides are now doing some break or lunch time duty because we have so many children who aren't coping well in the playground by themselves. We had a meeting after school with Michael Waller which was really interesting, focussing on effective styles of learning and questioning.Otherwise life is as normal though I have a huge mound of clean washing to sort and put away. I suppose that has to be better than a huge mound of dirty washing!
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