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Wet and windy

The weather was very changeable yesterday. We had sunny patches between torrential downpours and annoying but persistent drizzle, all to the accompaniment of a bitterly cold wind, so playground duties were very interesting. Otherwise the day went quite well, GKP run in the morning and afternoon and a pretty average morning in the classroom. I went to see Sandra for an hour in the afternoon to have some lunch and catch up on news. It was great to catch up with her albeit briefly. After school we had another meeting, this one concerning the organisation of the new school next year. I got a newsletter from GKP saying that there is to be another change in teacher for Tuesday class, which is a bit of a shame. I managed to get about a third of the washing sorted and put away, still lots to go. Ian was home late and I had a board meeting at 7.30pm so we had fish and chips at the request of Ian and Matthew. The meeting was quite short so I was home just after 9 o'clock. David hadn't done the dishes which he'd said he would do so he got up and did them. Then I phoned Beverly who has invited me round to a pot luck dinner at her place on Thursday evening to discuss Kidzstuff for Term 4.
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