January 5th, 2006


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Yesterday Ian went to a mens prayer breakfast up at church, by the time he came back it was time for me to go to the dentist.When I set off it was cold and frosty, a bit slippy underfoot but very beautiful! Not as pretty as snow but lovely all the same Collapse )
I won't talk about the dentist! The rest of the day was quite pleasant, though the frost was gone by 10 o'clock! I did laundry and other equally exciting things, played the piano a bit (well for quite a while actually). In the evening we went up to church for another prayer meeting, (women are allowed to pray in the evening!) It was a bit late starting because the heating in the church hall wasn't working so we moved to another venue, and these things take time!!

Today seems to be slipping away effortlessly, but I wish it wouldn't because I've got lots of things I want to do!!
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