March 24th, 2007


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I'll be off to decorate the rectory in about half an hour, so just time for a quick post here before I get ready to go...
On Thursday I went to Julienne's in the morning and we had a good chat and coffee of course... Then I went over to Liverpool where I bought the things I needed and a skirt I didn't need -it is really nice though - I did manage to resist the really lovely jackets I saw...

The evening was chaos, we needed to be at Fame, at 5pm I didn't know:
  • what time it started
  • where the tickets were
  • where Matthew was
  • whether David was planning to come home before the show
  • what time Ian would be home

      It took a lot of text messages to get that lot sorted!! - but in the end our whole family including Mum all managed to be together at the school in time to see the show and we even had tickets!!

      Yesterday was more peaceful, Coffee Plus in the morning followed by lunch with Mum and later a trip round to see Kathryn to deliver a plastic storage case to her.

      I had an evening at home and managed to get some website stuff done last night, but Chris went ice skating and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it despite his misgivings beforehand!! Matthew is still at the rectory where the youth group slept over last night!! David helped with that event to, he didn't stay for the night but he did arrive home long after we had gone to bed!!

      Must get on now!!
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