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January 7th, 2008


Saturday was a day of celebrations, first we went to Margaret's house to help celebrate David Fox's 60th birthday with a house full of invited guests. This went well and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Then there was the great celebration in our house that light was restored to our kitchen, no more cooking dinner in the dark - yay!! And we finished our day round at Angela's place drinking champagne with her and Andrew to celebrate her birthday. It was a good end to a good day!

Yesterday was a typical busy Sunday, though I spent lots of time updating people on what has been happening in Kenya and how it has affected the projects and people we support there.

Today Matthew and David are celebrating being back at school... (actually celebrating might not be quite the right word there!!!)

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  • 13 Apr 2011, 00:29
    Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.
  • 8 Aug 2010, 02:47
    *sigh* you take such magnificent photos. I love them all. I wish we could pop into some other country... the water looks absolutely stunning.
  • 7 Aug 2010, 19:12
    Beautiful pictures. It all looks so lovely. I miss Europe!
  • 7 Aug 2010, 17:55
    Those all look gorgeous, especially the last island with the lovely lake. I like the way the peacock muscled into the photograph. Christopher looks really well and you all seem to have had a superb…
  • 7 Aug 2010, 08:13
    I was there many years ago....your photos show it hasnt changed much if at all ! I loved the old town, the colours of the buildings...mmmm, must go again !
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