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Days fly by

I've sorted out my new timetable to allow for children who have left and changing needs. It's not much of a change from what I've been doing but now it's what I'm supposed to be doing! It's been quite a settled week at school without to many child issues. Study Centre has been good the last two days, especially on Thursday.
On Wednesday night David and Matthew went to Youth Group and seemed to have a good time. Last night I went for a pot luck tea and Kidz Stuff meeting at Beverly's house. Beverly had made some lovely pizza andn Raewyn brought some delicious salad. I took a deesert which was a mixture of yoghurt and cream with some fruit and sponge fingers. The planning meeting didn't go on too late so I was home at a civil time.
Today is my none working day, so I'm planning to go up to GKP where they're studying forensics at the moment.
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