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A catch up...

Well my birthday is now officially over here for another year, many thanks to all who sent greetings today, whether by card, phonecall, email, facebook, lj or face to face... all were much appreciated and helped make it a good day for me!!

A quick update on the last few days; as I posted on Monday Chris was admitted to hospital on Sunday. He responded well to the antibiotics and the eye infection has cleared up nicely, with no more sign of fever after Sunday evening...

By Tuesday he was really well, but they wanted him to carry on with iv antibiotics a little longer, so after his morning dose we were allowed home, but he had to return to the hospital at 4pm for the night and three more doses of antibiotics as well as the chemo he was due that day. Chris was very frustrated by this as he had hoped they would finish the course after two more doses when he would have been fever free for 48 hours, that way he would have been home for the night and able to have a normal day at school on Wednesday... but it was not to be, so we made the most of our time out from the hospital by going for a meal at the Merebrook, we also took a quick trip to the co-op to pick up a few bits and pieces.

On Wednesday morning we were given the all clear to go home (with oral antibiotics and eye drops) so Chris was dressed and ready to head to school by about 10am, however actually being discharged took about 4 hours while we waited on the duty doctor and chris's prescriptions, so he only made it to school for the last few periods of the day.

Today was an ordinary school day, which was so nice after the last few hospitals days... on Monday I spent six hours at the hospital and six hours travelling... Tuesday was similar, all very tiring. It made today's normality very precious.
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