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Malta (part 3)

This morning we headed over to Paola to visit the Hypogeum. This is a really fascinating underground structure dating from megolithic times, when it was used as a burial chamber and place of worship. It is remarkably well preserved and the tour was very interesting - there are no photos from this part of the day as cameras were not allowed down there... After that we moved above ground where we went to explore the nearby Tarxien Temples. We had lunch in Paola before catching the bus back to Valetta, where we had a look around the church of St Paul's shipwreck, had a drink and an icecream before coming back to the hotel for an other relaxing hour or so in the hotel pool... We rounded off the day with dinner at a little Italian place not far from the hotel!!

The entrance to the Tarxian Temples

More pictures from the Tarxien Temples

The impressive parish church in Paola

Tha amazing tower of the casino next to out hotel

The swimming pool we are enjoying so much each afternoon!
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