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Malta (part 4)

This morning we headed out to Bugibba where we picked up a cruise which took us to St Paul's Island, the Comino caves and the Blue Lagoon on Comino where the boys and I had lovely swim while Ian rested on the beach!! The boys swam right across the lagoon to a beach on the other side which wasn't so busy, I did not venture so far but still had a pleasant swim. Later we swam some more in the hotel pool and went up to Paceville for dinner!

Some photos:

The statue of St Paul on St Paul's island

Standing in one of the most arid landscapes I have ever seen...

Our boat moored at St Paul's Island

The boys enjoying the trip

The caves at Comino

More caves

The very crowded beach of the Blue Lagoon

Looking across the lagoon, the umbrellas visible in the distance mark the beach which the boys swam to.

While Ian took things much easier!
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